Verces is a tidally locked world, meaning the same side always faces the sun, making the light side a parched desert and the dark side seas of frozen ice. Only along the planet’s terminator – the narrow band where the two sides meet – are conditions right to feed and support a robust society. And they have – Verces’ famed Ring of Nations is perhaps the most technologically and socially advanced humanoid society in the Pact Worlds, their urban megacities blending into each other and national borders all but subsumed by an effective worldwide government. 


Native to Verces’ dark side, bloodbrothers are terrifying predators who don’t merely devour their prey. Instead, they place the victims inside their hollow chests and use tiny vampiric tendrils to link their circulatory systems together, using the prey as a spare heart. Bloodbrothers can keep these imprisoned creatures alive for months, slowly siphoning off their stored energy using the prey’s own metabolic processes, before finally abandoning the desiccated corpse.


Ringworks Wanderer, a Starfinder Starship
Verces’ native verthani—humanoids with protruding, mouselike eyes and color-changing skin—were the first civilization in the Pact Worlds to take to the stars in their majestic aetherships. Today, Verces’ shipyards at Skydock, an orbital platform tethered to the ground by a space elevator, make some of the best starships in the Pact Worlds. Illustrated here is a Wanderer-class starship built by the Ringworks aerospace corporation. While wanderers are most commonly encountered in their shuttle configuration, the company also sells slimmed-down and armed-up versions like this Starwasp for planetary defense or use as a short-range fighter. While Starfinder is primarily a game about individual characters and their adventures, the Starfinder Core Rulebook also contains complete rules for starship combat, rules for building and customizing ships, and sample starships for a variety of different races.


A Cybernetically Augmented Adventurer
Even in ancient times, the traditional caste system of Verces included the Augmented—people who pioneered early cybernetics and other forms of technological body-modification. Today, most people on Verces embrace or at least condone such modifications, and some of the best cybernetics in the system come from their labs and factories.


The Augmented Faction
Grown from a local caste into a social movement that includes people of all species, the faction known as the Augmented seeks to further evolution and self-improvement through technology, and advocates on behalf of those ostracized by their communities for extreme augmentation. From their headquarters on Verces, the organization’s ruling Cypremacy Collective seeks to fund advanced research by groups like the Everlife Adaptation Corporation and the Spellsight Cooperative, while quietly hunting down and silencing those technoterrorists who tarnish the group’s reputation by seeking to “enhance” others against their will.



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